Every Day is Play Day!

Tired of feeling guilty when you leave for work, school or a day out running errands? Don’t have enough energy for your best friend at the end of the day?  Then bring your pet to Creekside. They’ll enjoy supervised play time and social activities with their canine friends. Creekside has a large indoor playroom and several outside play yards.

Daycare is the great solution for your dog’s loneliness, chewing, or excessive barking. Socializing and exercise will leave your pup satisfied, tired and happy each day!

Has your vet suggested that your pup could lose a few pounds?  Regular exercise at day camp will get your sedentary pup up and moving with their daycare pals. Check out our Fitness and Wellness Program to combine play time with exercise.

We offer all-day daycare Monday through Friday, and Saturday mornings until 1:00 PM. Call us today to ask about our daycare packages!

If you are interested in our daycare program, you can download our New Client Forms and Pet Services Agreement, to fill out in advance for your play date. 



A Typical Day

  • Arrive in the morning starting at 7:00 am Monday thru Friday for a ½ or full-day of supervised activities. For ½ days on Saturday, arrival time starts at 8:00 am.
  • Morning group play indoors and/or outdoors weather permitting
  • Mid-day quiet time or time for lunch / snacks brought from home*
  • Group potty breaks throughout the day
  • Afternoon group play until a parent picks-up by 7:00 pm or dinner time if guest is staying overnight

*Snacks / meals are available for purchase.

All new day camp participants must pass an evaluation by Creekside staff to determine whether they’re ready for group play. You can call our office to schedule your pet's temperament test for any day Monday thru Friday.

Creekside also offers the option of individual play time for those that are not quite ready for group play and need more time to become acclimated to a playgroup or whose temperament is just not suited for group play.  Individual play is also an option for those pets that are not neutered or spayed.

For information on required vaccinations, fees, and answers to other common questions, please see the FAQ tab.

All day camp participants are subject to the terms and conditions of the Creekside Pet Hotel Pet Services Agreement.