Terms of Service


This Pet Services Agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into by and between Creekside Pet Hotel, Inc., a Georgia corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Creekside") and you, a Pet owner using Creekside’s services (hereinafter referred to as "Owner") for Owner’s Pet or Pets (hereinafter referred to as “Pet”). By execution of this Agreement, Owner agrees as follows:

Owner.  Owner(s) represents that you are the sole owner of the Pet(s) and that you are fully authorized to enter into this Agreement.  All of the information that Owner provides regarding Owner(s) and Pet(s) are true, complete and accurate.  Owner understands by entering into this Agreement and leaving Pet in Creekside’s care they are solely responsible for the charges incurred.

Agent.  Owner must provide an adult contact who is at least 18 years of age, as a contact (Agent) for Creekside in case of emergency and Creekside is unable to reach Owner.  Owner agrees that their Agent has complete authority to make any and all decisions on behalf of your Pet including health, veterinary and expenditure of funds.  Creekside may require governmental identification before releasing Pet(s) to Agent.  If Owner is traveling outside of U.S., the designated Agent should be someone who is not traveling with Owner.

Qualification. Creekside reserves the right to refuse any animal. For the protection of the health and well-being of Pet, other animals as well as Creekside staff, Creekside reserves the right to change any animal’s day care or boarding stay as deemed necessary at the sole discretion of Creekside.  For example: if proof of vaccinations are not provided; pets display signs of illness or injury; or any aggressive behavior is shown.

Assumption of Risks. Owner certifies that Pet is in good health, up to date on Rabies, Bordetella and DHLPP vaccinations and has not been ill with any communicable conditions within the past thirty (30) days. Owner certifies that, to the best of Owner’s knowledge, Pet has not been exposed to Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Bordetella (canine cough) within a thirty (30) day period previous to enrollment.

Creekside is a pet hotel resort facility. Thus, pets with significant medical needs or elderly pets unable to walk or stand are better off under a veterinarian’s care than in our facility. We do not accept diabetic pets or pets that require daily injections for boarding.  Owner acknowledges and is aware that the employees of Creekside are not veterinarians and are not expected to diagnose or detect illnesses in the pets that are staying at Creekside.

Services.  Creekside agrees to provide the specific services for your Pet that are indicated on either the online Reservation form or the Pet Services Card at check-in.  Creekside will exercise reasonable judgement in providing these services.

Payment.  Owner agrees to pay Creekside for the Services requested by Owner that are provided during Pet’s stay. Information on service fees may be found on Creekside website’s Pricing tab or during the reservation process. Creekside’s front desk personnel are happy to provide clarification regarding service fees.

Owner understands that charges begin once the Pet is checked-in and continue until Pet is check-out.  Check-out is by noon EST Monday through Saturday.  Additional boarding charges are incurred after noon EST.  Sunday Creekside is closed.  However, as a “courtesy” Pets may be picked-up by appointment only Sunday between 4 pm and 6 pm EST. A Saturday to Sunday stay is a two-day minimum boarding charge.  Examples of pricing calculations may be found on Creekside website’s Pricing tab.

Owner agrees that Pet shall not leave Creekside until Owner pays all charges to Creekside. Owner may be required to leave a valid credit card on file and keep accounts current on a weekly basis. Creekside shall have, and is hereby granted, a lien on Pet for any and all unpaid charges resulting from boarding Pet at Creekside. Creekside may exercise its lien right upon 10 days written notice given by Creekside to Owner, by certified mail to the address given to Creekside.

Abandonment. If Pet is not picked up by Owner or  Agent within 14 calendar days after the Pet’s scheduled departure date, Owner understands that the Pet is deemed abandoned and Creekside has the right to place the Pet with a third party animal adoption agency, Animal Control, or other governmental agency.

Medical Care. Owner agrees and understands that if Pet becomes ill or the state of Pet’s health otherwise requires professional attention, Creekside, in its sole discretion, may transport Pet and engage the services of a veterinarian or give other requisite attention. Owner will be responsible for the cost of any requisite medical attention. In addition, to prevent the spread of external parasites such as fleas and ticks, any animal under the care of Creekside found carrying any of the above will be treated as follows: (a) Pet will be bathed and an additional charge will be added to your bill; (b) If Pet has ticks and requires quarantine or a vet visit, Owner agrees to pay the full charges involved.

WAIVER AND RELEASE. Owner is aware and understands there are risks associated with Pet’s participation at Creekside, such as contracting communicable diseases, incurring animal bites, and Pet death. Owner voluntarily assumes all risk of loss, damage or injury that may be sustained by Owner, his or her family, and Pet while in the care of Creekside. Owner hereby knowingly and voluntarily waives and releases Creekside, its agents, owners, officers, employees, affiliates, contractors and other staff from any damages, claims, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses, causes of action or suits, whatsoever in law or equity (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and related costs) arising out of or related to the services provided by Creekside, including, but not limited to a claim of negligence. Further, Owner agrees that any Creekside liability shall not exceed the current chattel value of pet of a similar species and age as the Pet.

Pet Behavior. Owner is fully responsible for any harm to persons, property or other pets that may be created by Pet while under the care of Creekside. In the event that Pet is involved in an altercation or other interaction with other animals, people or property, resulting in injury or damages, Owner agrees to communicate directly with the other human participants or owners of participant animals or their agents, should they so request. To facilitate such communication, Owner authorizes Creekside to release Owner’s name, address and telephone numbers to such other parties should they request such information. Owner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Creekside, its agents, representatives and employees from any claims, suits, injuries, losses, damages and liability, of any nature arising (1) from any injury, death, or loss of Pet resulting from Creekside’s actions or from the action of Pet or any other animal while in the custody of or on the grounds of Creekside or (2) out of Pet’s participation at Creekside, including Pet’s injury or harm to another animal, person or property, (3) from Pet that result from Creekside’s expulsion, removal or withdrawal from Creekside, and (4) from the release of Owner’s name, address and telephone number under circumstances arising from an altercation resulting in injury or damages.

Personal Items.  Creekside is not responsible for lost or damaged items brought with Pet, including bedding, leashes, collars, meds, toys, etc. Do not bring items with your Pet that are valuable or irreplaceable.  See Creekside’s website for a list of approved items.

Multiple Family Members.  If Owner requests to board Pet together with other “family members” in the same suite, Owner acknowledges and understands that actions of Pets may be unpredictable and such an arrangement may significantly increase the chance of injury, aggression and altercations regardless of the amount of supervision. In such care, Owner understands said Pet(s) must be separated and Owner may be subject to additional boarding charges. Owner hereby holds Creekside harmless from any such claim or action as a result of boarding Pet(s) together.

Recurring Visits. This agreement covers the current Pet visit and all future Pet visits. With each individual Pet visit to Creekside, Owner affirms the terms of this agreement and the truthfulness and accuracy of all statements Owner has made in this agreement.

Photos/Videos.  Creekside has the right to take photographs or videos of your Pet during their stay without written approval from Owner.  Creekside may post or reproduce any and all photographs or videos with Pet’s name without limitation for use on Creekside’s website, social media sites, or in promotional materials without liability to Creekside for royalty payment.

Emergencies.  In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, every effort will be made to contact Owner to retrieve your Pet. You agree Creekside, at its sole discretion, is authorized to transport and/or to make temporary alternative arrangements to house and care for your Pet until you or your Agent can retrieve the Pet.

Dispute Venue. In the event of a dispute, Owner agrees that venue and personal jurisdiction shall be set in the courts of Cobb

County, Georgia. All such disputes shall be brought to the court of competent jurisdiction located in the County of Cobb, Georgia. Owner, by its signature herein, irrevocably waives objections to the jurisdiction of such courts and any obligations to venue. The parties furthermore hereby waive any right to a jury trial in any such proceedings. The parties further agree that the prevailing party will be entitled to the costs of litigation.

Current as of January 2018