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Keeping Your Home Clean and Safe for Your Pets

Everyone’s regular routines and schedules have been impacted due to COVID-19 and the current shelter-in-place order.  We hope you and your family are staying healthy and taking the necessary precautions to stay safe.  Many people find themselves spending more time than normal at home and it can be a good opportunity to take a look around and make sure that your home is as safe as possible for them. 

Our pets are there for us, cuddling, snuggling and giving extra kisses. This helps reduce our stress and anxiety. However, they can be curious by nature.  Spend some time checking things out to make sure that there isn’t anything in the environment that they can easily get into and be harmful to them.

Home Assessment for Your Pets

Start off my doing a quick overall run-through of your home to see if anything stands out as a hazard to your pet or something they may be intrigued by but isn’t good for them to get their paws on.  Then you can go room by room and focus on areas to help pet-proof your home.

  • Trash Cans – Keep them covered or in a cabinet
  • Cabinets – Secure household cleaners and chemicals away in latched cabinets
  • Medications – Keep them locked away out of reach
  • Electrical Wires – Keep all wires covered, hidden or out of the way of temptation of chewing.
  • Sewing or Craft Room – Keep your door closed or gated. These rooms often contain needles, strings and other supplies that can be dangerous and potential choking hazards for our pets.
  • Houseplants or Flowers – Take a moment to review the ASPCA’s Poisonous Plants list. Did you know that Lilies and Tulips are on the list?
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Do you have any plants in your home that may be toxic to pets?

Keep your pets clean too!

With everyone staying home more than usual, it’s natural that the house may get a little less tidy than normal.  It also doesn’t help that many of our pets are in their shedding season too! It’s a good time to check your vacuum and make sure the filter is clean and that it’s not clogged with debris and pet hair.

The weather has been nice this spring in Atlanta, but we have had a few rainy days that can mean muddy paws.  Make sure you wipe down your pet as they enter the house so they don’t bring in extra dirt and mud.

It may be a fun project to setup a small dog cleaning station near your door.  This way the supplies are always handy

Stay Safe and Healthy

This has been a stressful time for everyone. Remember to take some extra time to relax and enjoy your pets and their company. The weather has been sunny. Spend lunch outside on the lawn with your pet reading a book or having a picnic while soaking up some sunshine!

Remember that Creekside Pet Hotel is here for you and your family. We will remain open to assist if you need our services. 

Our staff follows very strict cleaning and hygiene procedures, using hospital-grade cleaning products at all of our facilities. We do have mobile van grooming services with extended hours during this crisis. Just call Creekside pet Hotel at 770.422.4700 and ask about our mobile van.

If your dog has been getting cabin fever from being cooped up inside, sign them up for dog daycare where they can play with their friends.  We also have our large indoor playroom for those rainy days.

But if you’re worried about your pet interacting with other pets, consider dropping them off for a half or full day of individual play.  They’ll have their own private enclosure with an outdoor patio as well as the attention of our experienced kennel staff.  Our staff will spend one-on-one time with them playing inside or outside depending upon the weather tossing a ball and giving belly rubs!

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The following days and hours are when Creekside’s office / reception will be open to drop-off or pick-up your pets:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 7:00 am to 12:00 noon; 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday - 7:00 am to 7:00 pm; open during lunch
  • Saturdays - 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Sunday Courtesy Hours - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm by appointment only

Due to security and accuracy reasons pets cannot be checked in or out when the office / reception is closed.

Holiday hours can be found on our Hours and Location page.