Dog laying on carpet playing with christmas lights

Tips on Bringing a New Pet into Your Home

By Creekside Pet Hotel / December 17, 2019

Bringing a new pet into your family’s life can be a very exciting time, however, they’re a long-term responsibility and being prepared before bringing them home can help make it an easier and happier transition for everyone. The Holidays May Not Be an Ideal Time Most people are very stressed and busy during the holidays. …

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sleeping dog hugging rope bone toy

DIY Pet Toys for the Holidays!

By Creekside Pet Hotel / November 19, 2019

We all have seen our pet’s light up when we bring home a new toy.  They are important for our pets especially during the busy holiday season when we’re busy getting ready for company or travel.  Let’s go over some of the benefits of toys for our pets and also check out a few DIY…

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Cute White Dog in Suitcase with sunglasses

Things to Pack When You Board Your Pet

By Creekside Pet Hotel / August 20, 2019

When you’re heading out of town and packing for your trip and also need to pack for your pet’s boarding, it can be hectic.  You’re trying to remember to pack all of the items for both you and your pet.  You want to make sure your pet is safe, secure, and happy. We recommend making…

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Happiness is a Well Socialized Dog

By april / September 17, 2018

Happiness is a Well Socialized DogProper socialization for your dog means that they don’t simply learn how to be a dog, but they learn how to be a GOOD DOG! Having your dog learn how to build relationships with other dogs, cats, other pets in the home and people they meet means that they will show…

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Fireworks and Your Pets: How to Keep Them Safe

By april / June 18, 2018

It’s that time of year again! The dog days of summer are so much fun for us and our pets, but there are a few times that our pets would rather skip altogether.  If you have a pet that is terrified of loud noises, then fireworks can put a real damper on your Fourth of…

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The following days and hours are when Creekside’s office / reception will be open to drop-off or pick-up your pets:

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Due to security and accuracy reasons pets cannot be checked in or out when the office / reception is closed.

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