May 21

5 Tips to Get Great Pictures of Your Pets

We love taking and sharing pictures of our pets to share with our friends and family on social media, but sometimes getting that great shot can be difficult.  We’ve put together 5 of our top pet photography tips for you.


We all love getting that perfect shot of our pet “smiling” for the camera, but it can be elusive.  One trick is to exercise them a little bit.  Remember that “a tired dog is a good dog!”. That’s why you may get some great pictures when you pick your dogs up from dog daycare at Creekside Pet Hotel!

It’s great to get that picture of your dog with their tongue hanging out! They look like they’re smiling and so happy.

“Treat Face”

 Atlanta Pet Photographer, Nina Parker, refers to our next tip as “Treat Face”. We love it!

You know that cute look or head tilt you get when you have your pet’s favorite treat or toy in front of them? That’s what Nina refers to as “Treat Face”: -“a condition in which the expression of a subject being photographed contorts in excitement or anticipation upon introduction of high value rewards.”

When photographing your pets, make sure to have their favorite treat (Say Cheese!) or toy handy for them to catch that perfect expression. 

Cat’s love their scratch posts and climbing posts, so you can get some great action shots with them.

Bring the Noise

Many dogs love their squeak toys so much they incessantly squeak it until they kill the squeaker!  Toys with noise can most definitely get you some really cute pictures with the perfect dog head tilt!

Don’t forget that they even make squeaky tennis balls that can really get their attention!

Level the playing field

Many of us instinctually stand and take pictures.  Did you know that a really great picture is taken by getting down on the ground at their level?  This way you’re not always looking down on them but getting that perfect eye level shot!

Alternatively, you can put them at your level, on a chair or bed.

Be Prepared

Lots of pet photographs are taken on the spur of the moment when our pets do something silly or funny that we want to catch on film.  Sometimes you get the shot and sometimes you miss it! 

If you’re specifically looking to take some pictures of your pet, prepare for it.  Make sure that the backdrop is uncluttered, this way all of the focus is on your cute pet!

Check to make sure you have good lighting so everyone can see your pet in their adorable pose.  Natural sunlight is best, but if that’s not an option, make sure you put a light in front of them, not behind them.  It makes for a better pet portrait.

Let the Professional Handle It!

We love having everyday pictures to share on social media, but we truly cherish those special professional pet portraits to show off, use for holiday cards and hang in our homes.  This is why Creekside Pet Hotel has scheduled renowned Atlanta Pet Photographer, Nina Parker, to have a photo shoot at our Pet Hotel in Kennesaw, Georgia on June 16, 2018.

There are very limited spots available, so call us today at (770) 422-4700 to book your reservation.

Nina is an animal lover and enjoys helping various Atlanta Pet Rescues by photographing some of their pets available for adoption.

“My main goal in photographing your pet is to capture their personality and create Photographic Art you will treasure for years to come.”  ~Nina Parker

Images from the session will be displayed on the wall at Creekside Pet Hotel!  We can’t wait to see the fabulous pet portraits Nina takes of your best friends!

There is a $55 session fee and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase one of her Custom Pet Portrait Collections.  Please check out Nina’s site for full session details and call us to book your session.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Pet Photography tips and hope to see you on June 16th at our Professional Pet Portrait Session. Do you have any other tips that work with your pets when taking pictures?

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