June 18

Fireworks and Your Pets: How to Keep Them Safe

It’s that time of year again! The dog days of summer are so much fun for us and our pets, but there are a few times that our pets would rather skip altogether.  If you have a pet that is terrified of loud noises, then fireworks can put a real damper on your Fourth of July celebrations.

You are most definitely not alone.  July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters.  The ASPCA reports that 1 in 5 pets goes missing after being scared by a loud noise. Pets that get terrified, run off trying to get away from the noise and end up lost and often at the local shelter. 

 What’s a Pet Parent to do?

We’ve come up with several ways to help your pets during fireworks.  Read through our list and let us know if you have other tips that help your pets. 


One of the most fun ways to help your dog is to make sure they are tired, which means they are more likely to sleep through all the noise.  You can take them for a long walk or better yet, bring them to Creekside Pet Hotel for Dog Daycare.  They can play with their friends and get the extra energy out of them.

Keep Pets Inside

Remember that our pets get frightened and disoriented by the loud noise from fireworks.  Keep them inside!

Make sure you take them for their potty break early, before the fireworks begin.  You’ll also want to let them know it’s time for bed early so they can try to sleep through some of the festivities. 

Our pets are creatures of habit, so you might want to try getting them to bed earlier the week before the fireworks start.  This will help them feel like it’s more routine.

Provide your pet with their own quiet hiding space.  If they love their crate, cover it with a blanket to reduce outside noise and make it feel more comforting to them.

Our pets love music too!

Did you hear about a recent study that shows that dogs particularly like Reggae! Who knew you should create a Pandora station with Reggae to relax your dog? Are there any other types of music your dog likes?

Comfort Your Pet

Just as much as our pets comfort us, we comfort them as well.  Just by being close to them when they are frightened can help them cope with the fear better.

You may also want to try out a Thundershirt or anxiety vest.  They wrap around your pet, so they feel like they are being hugged. Some pets respond really well to these.

If you would rather try one out first before spending the money purchasing it, get an ace bandage and check out this DIY pet anxiety vest.


Some pets are simply better in a safe and secure environment.  If that is the case for your pet, be sure to book their boarding stay at Creekside Pet Hotel so you can rest assured they are safe.

Talk to your Veterinarian

We don’t like medicating our pets, but there are some pets that are so terrified by loud noises that they may otherwise harm themselves.  Please talk to your veterinarian about your options and what’s best for your pet.

In recent years, there is a new medication, Sileo, on the market that doesn’t act like tranquilizers or sedatives.  It is a treatment specifically for canine noise aversion. Ask your veterinarian if it could help your dog.

ID & Microchip your Pets

In the event that the worst-case scenario happens, and your pet goes missing, you most certainly want to help them find their way back home fast.  The best way to do this is to make sure that they have ID tags with current information.  Because their collars might get snagged on a fence or tree and come off, you most definitely want to make sure that they are also microchipped

Are Silent Fireworks the Future?

There is a town in Italy that requires citizens to use silent fireworks to help terrified pets. What do you think of this idea? Do you have any other ways that you help your pets that are terrified of fireworks and loud noises?

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