July 16

Canine Wellness and Fitness Program

 At Creekside Pet Hotel, we understand how important your dogs are to you and know you want to keep them healthy and happy.  This is why we are introducing our new Canine Wellness and Fitness Program.

Why does my dog need a fitness program?

Keeping them fit and active is good for your dog’s long-term health. By keeping them fit and trim, you may avoid various diseases that can come along with obesity, like diabetes, heart disease and injured joints, to name a few. 

You may also reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors that bored dogs often exhibit, like excessive chewing, barking and jumping.  Dogs can exhibit these behaviors because they are bored, but if you’ve worn them out, they’ll be busy sleeping or thinking about their next swim or hike! 

Work their brains, not just their bodies!

Don’t forget that dogs need mental stimulation as well.  Giving your dog mentally stimulating exercises can help improve their cognitive sharpness and slows the aging process!!! 

This is why we selected the activities in our Canine Wellness and Fitness Program.  They exercise the body and brain! 

No experience required

Your dog doesn’t need to be an agility course competitor to have fun and enjoy our Canine Wellness and Fitness Program.  It’s for dogs of all shapes, sizes and fitness level (Even a couch potato! You let them on the couch, right?). 

Dog-Friendly Activities

We have a variety of activities your pooch is certain to enjoy.  For a dog that has a lot of energy to burn, our canine treadmill is a great option especially when the weather is a bit nasty out. 

For those beautiful (HOT) Atlanta days, we have our canine fitness pool.  Great for days your pooch needs to cool off and the water can help them take a load off their joints while exercising. This can be helpful if your dog is a bit out of shape. 

You’ve seen our facility, but what about our nature trails?  Dogs LOVE our nature trails out back.  They get to walk in nature and sniff and smell new things around every corner. 

What dog doesn’t like to Fetch?

You’ve probably seen the videos of the iFetch automatic ball launcher.  We thought it was a fantastic addition to our Canine Wellness and Fitness Program.  It will provide exercise and like all the other activities, also stimulates their brain as well.  Your dog won’t just fetch the ball, but they’ll learn how to put it back in the launcher to have continuous fun. 

Ready, Set, Fetch!

We hope you are as excited as we are for our new Canine Wellness and Fitness Program.  Each activity will be offered individually, as well as in packages. Sign your dog up today, whether they want to stay in shape, or need to get back in shape, do it for their long-term well-being.

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