September 17

Happiness is a Well Socialized Dog

Happiness is a Well Socialized DogProper socialization for your dog means that they don’t simply learn how to be a dog, but they learn how to be a GOOD DOG!

Having your dog learn how to build relationships with other dogs, cats, other pets in the home and people they meet means that they will show less fear, anxiety, aggression, and have less behavioral problems.

We all want our dogs to have a long, happy and healthy life.  A properly socialized and well-behaved dog enjoys a higher quality of life.

Dogs that have not been properly socialized can have problems when going to the veterinarian or groomer, which can lead to serious health problems from lack of a proper exam and grooming. 

Mind Your Manners

One of the most important parts of socialization for dogs is their interaction and play with other dogs.  Older dogs are often the best at teaching the young puppy’s manners.  If a puppy gets too rambunctious or bites a little too hard, older dogs will often put them in their place by either nipping at them or ignoring them. No dog likes to be ignored!

They learn fast from their elders what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

Having a best friend can be important, but routinely playing with a number of different dogs at dog daycare will help them when they encounter a new dog.  Dogs that are used to meeting new friends are less likely to show fear or aggression.

Socialization through our dog daycare can be the answer to your dog’s loneliness, chewing, or excessive barking.

The type and frequency of play are a really good indicator of a dog’s quality of life.

Mark Evans, former RSPCA Chief Vet

Less Routine in Their Routine

Dogs also need to get out of the house a bit and see and hear new things! Consider taking your dog for a long hike or walk.  Check out some of the Kennesaw Festivals.  Getting out and exposing your dog to a new environment with new people and sounds will help them learn that they don’t need to be fearful of new things.

School’s In Session

Our goal at Creekside Pet Hotel is for your dog to be a loving and trusted member of your family.  We offer a variety of training classes and utilize natural, positive dog training techniques.

This fall we will be offering “Mommy & Me” classes on the weekends. The objective of the class is socializing your pet to interact well with people, pets, and sounds.  

Socializing your dog isn’t something you do for a few months and are done! It should be consistent, you don’t want their socialization skills to get rusty.  Contact us to discuss our different training classes or to sign up for dog daycare. We offer free temperament testing for all dogs who are looking to join our daycare program. 

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