October 15

National Animal Safety and Protection Month

October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month.  We always want to focus on our pet’s safety, but this is a good time of year to review over our specific plans to keep them safe, happy and healthy.  We have some tips to help get you started. We would love to hear anything else you are doing to protect your pet. 

There’s an App for That

The Red Cross has developed a free Pet First Aid App.  The app allows you to add profiles for your pets so that you can keep their details and information together in one place that’s easily accessible.

 The Pet First Aid App is a great tool to use because it includes information from disaster preparedness to preventative care information and even tips on how to give your pet different types of medications.  As always, it’s simply a tool, please consult a veterinarian with any medical concerns you have about your pet.

You should keep information on hand about your pet that is very similar to what we collect on our new clients.  We gather information on medications, food, vaccinations, health issues and much more because comfort and safety are our highest priorities. 

Emergency Plan

We know it’s important to have an emergency plan for our family, but don’t forget to include your pets in that plan.  The Pet First Aid app is a great resource to start working on your plan. Make sure that you have your emergency plan in writing to be better prepared.

Thankfully, in Atlanta, we’ve only seen the remnants of hurricanes this year, but disaster can strike at any moment.  It’s best to be prepared so that you aren’t looking for information in the middle of chaos.

Get Started

Don’t let all of this information and planning overwhelm you, start small by tackling things you’ll need every day for your pet.

Shorter Days

Fall has officially arrived, and the days are getting shorter. Make sure you plan ahead when you take your dog for a walk and are home before sunset or have reflective gear for you and your dog.

If you’re having a hard time fitting in your pet’s exercise, contact us to schedule your dog for our Canine Wellness and Fitness Program.  This is a new program we started here at Creekside Pet Hotel because we understand how important your pets are to you and know you want to keep them healthy and happy.

We have a dog pool (weather permitting), an iFetch, Dog Treadmill and also Nature Trail walks. Keeping your pets fit and active is good for their long-term health.

Helping Others

National Animal Safety and Protection Month also happens to coincide with Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  There are many ways that you can help protect other pets in need.   

Do you have an emergency plan or pet first aid kit?  In honor of National Animal Safety and Protection Month, we challenge you to download the Red Cross’ free Pet First Aid App by the end of October and add your pets details.  Once you’ve done that, let us know by sharing a picture of your pet on our Facebook Page.

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