December 17

Holiday Foods Your Pets Can Enjoy

There are so many goodies around the house this time of year and it’s so hard to resist those puppy dog eyes begging for a treat.  As we talked about in a recent blog post, there are lots of foods that are toxic for our pets and we need to keep away from them.  There are, however, some foods that we are able to give to them as an extra special treat!  Check out our top 5 Holiday foods your pets can have as a special treat!

Pumpkin Fever 

This time of year you can’t go long without hearing or seeing something pumpkin related. Our pets can, and should, join in on the pumpkin fever.  Pumpkin is one of those treats that can help our pets in numerous ways. It’s loaded with fiber and can help upset stomach, indigestion and diarrhea.  

Another benefit of pumpkin is its weight loss benefits.  Because it’s packed with fiber, your pet will feel fuller and it can help their waistline.  This can be helpful when we’re sneaking them extra turkey under the table! 

Pumpkin is something good to have on hand, but as with all of the “people foods” on this list, it should not have any sugar or other additives.  Plain canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling works well. 

Frosty’s Nose? 

We’re having a particularly cold winter this year, and you never know if we’re going to see snow.  If we do and you get a chance to make a snowman, make sure to buy extra carrots for Frosty’s nose! 

Packed full of fiber, carrots are another healthy treat for your pets.  Dogs can have raw or cooked carrots, but cooked are best for cats to avoid choking.

Green Beans 

Loaded with vitamins, green beans are a great treat for your pet.  You can give them raw or cooked, but don’t add any sugar or additives to them. You can even freeze them and give them as a frozen treat, however that may be best for a summer treat. 

One Potato, Two Potatoes, Three Potatoes – Four 

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes are usually a staple around the table this time of year.  It’s OK to give your dog or cat some cooked potatoes, but only as a treat.  It shouldn’t be on the daily treat list, like pumpkin.  

We love mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole, but it’s not good for your pets with all of the sugar, salt, butter and other additives.  If you do want to give potatoes to your pet, set some aside before it gets added to your family recipe. 

Turkey Time! 

Your pet is sitting at your feet just begging for a sample of that yummy smelling food! Turkey is okay to give your pet as long as it doesn’t have the skin and you find a lean piece for them. Extra fatty meat isn’t good for our pets.  

Remember that you might not want to feed them right there at the table because it can cause them to constantly beg in the future.  Maybe set some time before or after dinner to spend quality time away from the table where your dog or cat can get their special treats.

You have to remember that if they’re used to getting food from the table and you have guests over, you may not want them to be under the table begging for food.  If you would like to talk about training for your dog, please contact us.  We offer lessons at Creekside and also private lessons in your home. 

Creekside Pet Hotel uses natural, positive dog training techniques to help owners establish a balanced relationship with their dog that is based on communication, respect, and trust. 

Are you planning to do lots of baking this holiday? Let us know what special holiday foods you give your pets.  Just remember that most of the additives we add to recipes can be harmful to pets.  It’s best to give our pets natural foods you know are safe and to be extra careful, check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.  We hope you have a safe and happy holidays.

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