November 19

Holiday Foods Your Pets Should Avoid

It’s that time of year again! Turkey, stuffing, pies, cakes, decorations and shopping! It can be fun, but also a stressful time with everything going on. You want to make sure you do everything you can to avoid a trip to the emergency vet.

There are lots of holiday foods that we love, but that our pets should avoid.  Make sure that if you give your pets some of your holiday food as a treat that aren’t giving them something that is toxic to them.


The fudge cooking on the stove fills the house with that warm chocolaty scent and it smells oh so good! But, not for our pets! While most dogs like the smell of chocolate and will gobble it up, it’s actually toxic for them.  Any sweet chocolate treats that come into the house should be kept well out of their reach.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t really like chocolate, but it’s toxic for them as well.


With all of the turkey and hams cooked this time of year, there will be plenty of bones that your pets will be begging for. However, it’s best to dispose of them because they can easily splinter in your pet’s throat or stomach. Instead, consider buying them a special holiday treat from your local pet shop that has bones specifically for them. 

Uncooked Yeast Dough

Pass the rolls please! If you’re making rolls from scratch and setting the dough out to rise, make sure to keep it out of reach of your pets. If they eat it, the yeast can rise in their stomach and cause a severe tummy ache or even a serious medical emergency.


Alcoholic beverages can cause serious problems for pets. Make sure your pets can’t reach it. Don’t forget to keep the spiked eggnog away as well.


Xylitol is found in sugar free candies and foods. Unfortunately, xylitol can be life-threatening to our pets and very quickly.  There are many items that you may not know have xylitol in them, like sugar-free gum, candy, baked goods, some peanut butters, mints and much more.

Check your labels for xylitol and keep those items far away from your pets.  Especially if you have a pet that likes to rummage through your purse.

Holiday Ingredients

There are so many scrumptious sweets and treats this time of year, that it’s tempting to want to share them with your pets but make sure you check out their ingredients that can be toxic to your pets, including nutmeg, macadamia nuts, grapes and raisins.

Our holiday stuffing may seem healthy, but onions, garlic and sage are toxic, especially for cats.

Deck the Halls

While we’ve been discussing holiday foods you should avoid giving your pets, it also good to remember that our pets can be attracted to the shiny decorations and eating them can cause choking or stomach obstructions. Keep a watchful eye on your pets this time of year and try to put the decorations out of their reach.

Those decorations also include the popular poinsettia. Our pets often like to chew on plants, but the poinsettia is toxic for pets to eat. If you’re concerned about this or other plants, check out the ASPCA’s Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants List 

We usually have an abundance of sweet and savory foods this time of year, but please remember that the foods we love aren’t always good for our pets. Lots of them are even toxic for pets. 

If you are concerned about food that is possibly toxic for your pet, please contact your local veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic for assistance.  You can also visit the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control or the Pet Poison Helpline

The holidays are a busy time whether you’re traveling or staying in town. Remember to book your pet’s holiday boarding and grooming needs ahead of time.  We hope you have a safe and happy holidays.

View and share our infographic about 8 Holiday Foods Your Pets Should Avoid.

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