April 15

Spring Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Pet

Now that Spring is here, your dog loves being able to frolic in the spring weather (OK, maybe not with all of the pollen we’ve seen in Kennesaw this season though!).  Do you have any special plans or activities scheduled that you can enjoy with your pet?

DIY Frozen Dog Treats

Why not give them a special frozen treat?  They can sit in the kitchen and watch as you mix up a frozen dog treat with their favorite flavors.  You can search online for a recipe or check out one of these 13 DIY Frozen Dog Treat Recipes

If you’re short on time or your pup doesn’t want to wait for it to freeze, you can head out with them to your local Starbucks and get a Puppuccino for them to enjoy.  

Hit the Trail

You and your dog will enjoy all of the walking and hiking trails around Kennesaw this spring.  The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and it’s a great time to get out with your best friend and take a long walk before the Georgia heat settles in.

Don’t forget to schedule your dog for a walk on one of our nature trails if you’re short on time.  There are new sights and smells around every turn.

Dog Friendly Restaurants 

Lots of local restaurants have dog friendly patios for you to enjoy dinner out with friends and include your dog.  Most are happy to accommodate you and will bring a fresh bowl of water and may even have a special menu item for your dog. Don’t forget to ask! 

Backyard Fun 

Did you catch the amazing Kratu at the Crufts Dog Show agility course? He made his own course and stole the show!  This proves that you don’t have to master an agility or obstacle course to have a good time.  That’s the goal with your dog, enjoy yourself and have a blast! 

Check out these easy DIY agility and obstacle courses you can set up in your backyard.  You and your dog will have hours of fun and they’ll get more exercise and mental stimulation. 

What About Meow?

Spring is a great time to try to grow some catnip or cat grass for your feline friend.  Some cats crave grass and love to nibble on it. 

Check out your local pet store and pick up some seeds and plant them fresh for your cat.  You can plant them in pots and let them sprout up while out in the sun and then bring them inside when they’re ready for your cat to nibble on. They’ll love the fresh greens! 

Do you have any fun spring activities planned with your pet this year?  Make sure that you keep plenty of water on hand and keep your pets well hydrated and enjoy the spring fun.  When your dog needs playtime with friends, schedule them for dog daycare.

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