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Benefits of Dog Daycare

As our lives become busier and busier, we need our dogs to have something to do within those long hours of the day. There are some dogs that may be content with sleeping most of the day, but many breeds, and especially younger dogs, have energy that they need to expel.  If they don’t have a proper way to get dog tired, they may begin to exhibit signs that their pet parent doesn’t want to see, like destructive behaviors around the home.  Dog daycare can also help with their loneliness, chewing, or excessive barking.

Creekside Pet Hotel’s dog daycare is a great option for our four-legged best friends due to the wonderful benefits that they can receive. Daycare isn’t just to give your dog exercise throughout the day, they can also receive many other perks that can help them to be well-rounded, happy and healthy dogs. Here are some amazing benefits of dog daycare.


When your dog is at daycare, they are receiving a ton of socialization from other dogs and humans! This helps your dog learn how to properly be around other animals as well as getting them used to being amongst other humans. It can help your dog become more confident and well behaved when meeting new friends, human and furry. 

This means your dog will be more confident when meeting new people and dogs.  Young dogs benefit greatly from learning manners from their peers

Having a change of scenery that dog daycare offers can often have your dog feel like they’re getting a mini vacation every time they visit!

They are Never Alone

Being at home while you are away working all day can be very lonely for a dog. At dog daycare, they are never alone and have interaction or attention throughout the day. At Creekside Pet Hotel’s dog daycare program, your dog will enjoy supervised play time and social activities with their canine friends, rain or shine!  We have several outdoor grassy play yards and a large indoor playroom for rainy days.

Dogs that are left alone for long periods of time can become bored and possibly destructive. Being at daycare can keep their boredom at bay so they can be sent home fulfilled, happy and ready for a long nap! Dogs that have separation anxiety can truly benefit from daycare, as it could possibly help them in the future.

Plenty of Exercise

Dogs that do not get enough exercise may become overweight, irritable, and destructive. Our dog daycare program is a fantastic way for your dog to release all of their energy with supervised playtimes.

Some dogs that lack the proper exercise can exhibit unwanted behaviors, like destructive chewing and digging or becoming an escape artist. They may be simply looking for an outlet for some of their pent-up energy and are craving a physical and mental exercise.

With the companionship of other dogs, they can run, jump, and play the day away to get the daily exercise that they truly need and crave.

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Peace of Mind

Whether you are away from your home all day or just want to make sure your dog stays active and well socialized, dog daycare can give you the peace of mind that they are getting the most out of their day. Knowing that your dog is receiving great care, exercise, socialization and more, can reassure pet parents they are doing their best for the furry family members.

Free Temperament Test

If you’re looking to have your dog enjoy the benefit of Creekside Pet Hotel’s dog daycare program, give us a call to schedule their temperament test.  All new daycare participants must pass an evaluation by our staff to determine whether they’re ready for group play.

Creekside Pet Hotel also offers the option of individual play time for those that are not quite ready for group play and need more time to become acclimated to a playgroup or for those whose temperament is just not suited for group play. 

Our individual play is also an option for those pets that are not neutered or spayed.

Dog daycare truly is a great option for pet owners as it helps to provide the dogs meet their daily needs. Whether you’re looking to include dog daycare into your dog’s weekly routine or adding it to their boarding stay, they will see the numerous benefits it can offer.

All of the benefits of dog daycare mentioned above can help your pet become well socialized, healthy, and most importantly happy!

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