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Fun and Festive Fall Activities for You and Your Pet

Can you believe that Fall is here? While we still have quite a bit of hot Atlanta days left this year, the leaves are going to start changing colors in a few weeks and the morning air will have that cool chill to it.  Fall activities with your pet are a great way to ensure that they receive the mental stimulation and physical exercise they crave. By making sure that your dog has a leash and a collar while visiting public parks and events, you can often bring them along on your fall trips. We’ve come up with a list of activities that you can do with your pet this fall.

Walking In the Park When the Leaves Are Changing Color

Take a trip to a local park in Kennesaw for a long walk to see how the leaves are changing color.  Georgia is beautiful this time of year. Dogs enjoy sniffing around and walking on the crunchy leaves. Keep your pet on a leash while walking and take the time to gather a bunch of leaves into a pile so that everyone can take turns jumping into them. Fun fall days!

Picking Apples at a Nearby Orchard

There are lots of great apple orchards in North Georgia, especially in Ellijay and Blue Ridge, that are under an hour and a half away from Kennesaw. It’s a fun day trip to take the whole family to pick apples and see the beautiful foliage.

Make sure you check on their website or call ahead before bringing your dog with you to an apple orchard. Many orchards, but not all, are pet friendly.  Make sure you know their guidelines and follow them. Be considerate and keep your dog on leash and bring lots of poop bags to pick up after them!

Apples are a great treat for you and your dog.  They’re a high fiber and nutritious snack, but make sure to remove the seeds and core from the apples before giving it to your dog.

Have plenty of cool drinking water ready for your pet on your fall excursions.

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

Fall activities with your pet include visiting a pumpkin patch to choose pumpkins to make pies, cookies or jack-o’-lanterns. Make sure that your dog knows how to mind its manners at the pumpkin patch because this is where there are numerous children scurrying around.

Remember that cooked pureed pumpkin without any additional ingredients is a healthy food for a pet’s digestive health and weight loss. If your pet has any underlying health issues like diabetes or kidney disease, check with your veterinarian before introducing anything new into their diet. Make sure it’s fresh pumpkin too, not a carved one that’s been sitting out collecting bacteria.  Yuck! That’s definitely not good for your pet’s tummy!

As with the apple orchards, be sure to confirm that your local pumpkin patch allows pets. Some do, but unfortunately some do not.  We did confirm that Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs does allow dogs, but of course they must be on a leash at all times.

two cute corgi puppies playing in fall leaves with pumpkin apples


There are fun and exciting festivals every weekend in the Atlanta area.  Check out this list online of festivals in the Kennesaw area and make sure to plan to attend the Pups and Pilsners event benefiting Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue on Sunday, September 22nd.  It’s going to be just around the corner from us at Dry County Brewing Company.

Have Fun with Your Pet this Fall

Getting outside and taking in the beautiful fall atmosphere is a great way to bond and have fun with your dog.  Just remember safety first and always pack a leash, water and plenty of poop bags and have fun!

We know that sometimes with our busy schedules, you may not be able to take as many fun outings as you want.  For those days that you need your dog to release some extra energy or if you’re planning an out of town trip, give us a call or book online for your dog’s daycare, canine fitness activities and boarding.   

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