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The Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

Improving Your Dog’s Health With A Swim

Everyone knows dogs love a good swim, but did you also know there are wonderful health benefits of dogs swimming? Swimming in a fitness pool is a low impact exercise that improves the general health of our beloved, canine companions. This is one reason that when we developed the Creekside Pet Hotel Canine Fitness & Wellness Program, we made sure it included a swimming pool.  We’ve gathered together a list of just a few of the ways your dog’s health can improve by swimming.

Weight Loss or Management

Weight loss is just one benefit swimming can have on your dog. With more than half of the dogs in America being overweight there is a new emphasis on making sure our four-legged family members get the exercise they need. With swimming, working off those extra treats has never been so much fun!

Burning Calories

Because swimming is a low or no impact activity, our dogs can exercise longer burning more calories than walking or even fetching a Frisbee. Many veterinarians suggest swimming burns 4 times the number of calories walking does in the same amount of time.

Cardiovascular Health

Swimming just might be the perfect cardio for your dog. Just like in humans, swimming improves heart strength, lowers the heart rate, decreases blood pressure, and increases lung proficiency through low impact, aerobic activity.

Stress and Pain Relief

Swimming is a therapeutic exercise meaning it’s a great way to relieve stress and pain. Humans soak when they have back or joint pain or need to wash the day away. Why wouldn’t Fido want to do the same in a dog swimming pool? Pamper your pooch with a good soak and invigorating swim for maximum, doggie stress relief.

The best part about swimming is that it is a low impact exercise, which is especially great for senior dogs that need the exercise, but may be having joint pain and concerns related to age.  As with any new activity, we encourage you to discuss this with your veterinarian before starting your dog on a new exercise routine. 

Older dogs and even young ones that aren’t used to the water may need to start with a dog life jacket.  Their safety is top priority!

Black and Tan senior mutt dog swimming with life jacket
Swimming is a great low-impact exercise for senior dogs.

Get Rid of the Extra Energy

Swimming allows your dog to burn extra pent-up energy which in turn may cut down on excessive barking or destructive behavior allowing them a more effective way to release that pent-up energy.  Your dog can go for a swim and then head home for a long nap!

Cooling Down

A dip in the dog swimming pool is the perfect way to cool off on a scorching summer day in Atlanta. Dogs don’t sweat in the same way that humans do, dogs sweat through their paws and when they pant.  This means they are more prone to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. The availability of a fitness pool is the perfect option to help your dog stay cool on a hot summer’s day.

Playtime and Bonding

The most obvious benefit of swimming for your dog is joy. Most dogs are natural swimmers and love playtime in the water. Swimming is a great way to bond with your dog while bringing him or her a little extra happiness.

Last year we talked about several places around Kennesaw to explore with your dog. One of those places was the Olde Rope Mill River Trail which has a waterfall!  Have you had a chance to visit with your dog yet?

The benefits of dog swimming are numerous. From the tip of their nose to the end of their tail, swimming is a fantastic activity for all of our canine companions.  If you are interested in finding out more about Creekside Pet Hotel’s Canine Fitness Pool or another activity in our Canine Fitness & Wellness Program, please contact us today!

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