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Things to Pack When You Board Your Pet

When you’re heading out of town and packing for your trip and also need to pack for your pet’s boarding, it can be hectic.  You’re trying to remember to pack all of the items for both you and your pet.  You want to make sure your pet is safe, secure, and happy. We recommend making a list for reference and keeping it with your pet’s items so you remember them from trip to trip.

To help them have the best boarding experience possible, there are a few items you should pack for your pet’s vacation at Creekside Pet Hotel. Today, we’re going to go over items that will make your pet boarding experience excellent. Let’s get right in!

Pack Your Pet’s Food

Many owners may forget about packing food for their pet. Although we do offer an American-made dry food for your pet at a cost of $2 per day, most pet parents choose to bring their food with them.  This is because maintaining a regular diet helps with digestion.  Some pets suffer with an upset tummy when their food is changed.  Make sure you have enough for their entire stay. 

Some pets may be on a specific diet to meet their specific nutritional and medical needs. For the health and safety of your pet, pack your dog their food.

Bring A Toy and Treats

Another item you should pack for your pet is a toy. You know which toys your pet loves. Pack one that your pet loves so they will feel at home and make their experience more enjoyable.  Especially if they have a treat toy that they really enjoy.

Remember not to pack any valuable items for your pet. At Creekside Pet Hotel, we do strive to keep track of all of our guest’s belongings, however, because many may have similar belongings (e.g., Kong, Nylabones, etc.), items sometimes get misplaced.

No Bedding, Please

You may be tempted to bring in your pet’s bedding, however, we do provide a sleeping cot, blanket and bowls for all pets.  This helps us keep the facility spotless and fresh.  We use hospital grade disinfectants and are meticulous about cleaning our kennels and common areas.

New Client Forms

When you first board your pet, you’ll need to complete our new client’s form that includes pertinent medical history, medications, allergies, vaccination, emergency contact and more.  Prior to your pet’s stay, take a moment to make sure the information is current.  This can be especially beneficial for senior pets and their medications can change as they get older

Pack Any Required Medicine

If your pet has medicine that they need for any medical condition, you should always bring that with them and make sure they have enough for their entire boarding stay.

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Pet Activities

If you want your dog or cat to enjoy any of our additional services like our Spa, Nature Walks, Day Camp, Yappy / Meow Hour or Individual Play Time, make sure you discuss that at the time of check-in.

Hopefully, this post has given you some valuable information about boarding your pet. Use these tips for a safe and happy pet boarding experience.  If you have any questions about your pet’s boarding, please check out our FAQ or give us a call. We want your pet’s vacation time with us to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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